"We have learned that the higher you go, the further you see, and the more you can dream."

Cadore is one of the most beautiful and enchanting places in Italy. The Dolomites, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Misurina lake; Countries rich in history and legends, culture and traditions. Unspoiled nature, with streams, forests and wonderful mountains. It is in this setting that our story begins, in the Domegge di Cadore headquarters where our eyewear models have always been born.

From generation to generation, we imagine, create and make products that are the result of continuous research into details for new ideas and trends, inspiring us to a world in constant dynamic evolution where we can not afford to make mistakes.

From Cadore, with pride, thanks to constant research to always offer quality and innovation. We distinguish ourselves in the production of custom-made glasses, suitable and customized for every age and above all, for every shape of the face. Thanks to our exclusive V.E.A. (Virtual Eyewear Assistant) and the innovative 5-axis milling machine.

Born inside our house, located near one of the beautiful dolomitic streams, today FABBRICA THEMA is a pride for Venetian eyewear, with firm roots in Cadore but with a presence in Italy and in the world that makes it a company leader in the private label sector


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